This is the song that never ends...: 07/29/2007 - 08/05/2007

This is the song that never ends...

Sunday, July 29, 2007


I'm recovering from a helluva chest cold/head cold/deathwish that I've had all week. It started on Tuesday with me wondering why the kiddo was so sick and then realizing that I was just as sick as he was. To top it all off, while I was Swiffering the baseboards in the dining room, I ended up getting the worst back strain evah! Evah, evah. Seriously, I'm walking around like I have some kind of stunted spinal injury problem. I can't stand up straight and it hurts to do anything but sit in a fetal position. Gah.

I've also been drinking tea with sugar. Sugar! Whenever I get sick, I eat a whole bunch of carby shit and it just goes straight to my head. I just can't do starches, man. Whenever I give in to the sinful goodness of the white stuff, I cannot stop. Seriously, CANNOT. Crazy.

What else is new....... doing a weightloss thing at the gym with another trainer because, yes, I still have about 30 pounds to go until I'm at pre-baby marathon weight. A weight that was still about 30 pounds heavier than my perceived ideal. But hell, at this point, I'd be THRILLED to be there.

The one thing that NO ONE told me about having a baby was that there was a possibility that I might not lose the weight. I want to find each and every person who said that losing the weight would be easy with breastfeeding (HA-if only I *could* have breastfed, you awful, wretched beyotches). It's enough to make a girl go insane. I watch those makeover shows sometimes---you know, the ones where the chicks are all beat-up looking right after coming out of surgery---and I used to laugh at how stupid they were for taking the 'easy way out' and having someone cut off their fat or sculpt their jaw. In some way, I still feel that way, but let's just say that there's a teeny, tiny part of me that's envious when I see the final 'after'.

The work to get this eat-all-you-want-while-you're-pregnant fat off is INSANE. And I'm super-pissed that more people (or ANY people, for that matter) didn't tell me while I ate JARS of peanut butter at my office desk every day.

I still remember lapping up ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery while I was large and in charge and telling John about how I'd heard that you lose the weight within 6 weeks and not to worry. Where did I get that shit? Where?

Better go to bed so I can get up early and drag myself out for a walk/jog....
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