This is the song that never ends...: Special Guest Blogger

This is the song that never ends...

Monday, August 27, 2007

Special Guest Blogger

This blog entry brought to you by the man of the house, John:

We're a coffee kind of a house. It's not odd for the coffee maker to be bubbling away at least three times a day.

We're wannabe connoisseurs too. I actually ground my own beans for a while, before we figured it wasn't worth it. It smells great, and is always fresh, but one-handed, with the baby, was just too tough.

One time, I even looked at a website that taught you how to make your own blends and roast your own beans, but it never went further then that. At that point, I think I'll hit the Starbucks.

But today we hit an odd, ingenious and pathetic low. We used a Swiffer for a filter. It wasn't our first choice. The usual hierarchy of filters goes: cone coffee filter, basket coffee filter from the old machine that doesn't fit, paper towel, and lastly, paper napkin. As fate would have it, we had none of the above.

It's funny how life doesn't give you what you want, but gives you what you need. As I'm debating with myself about whether the grounds might sneak through the perfs in toilet paper, my eyes fall on the Swiffer. A quick run to the tap shows good water flow, excellent wet strength, and just an imperceptible amount of initial linting. Fabulous.

Ghetto fabulous.

And as I sit here enjoying my rather delicious cup of coffee, I realize that a Swiffer pad costs about 20 times as much as an actual coffee filter. And the realization that it actually costs more to look this degenerately deprived seems sadly ironic. Like paying half a mill for a double wide. And buying dents as an option.


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