This is the song that never ends...: In the thick of things.

This is the song that never ends...

Saturday, August 19, 2006

In the thick of things.

Had my doctor's appointment yesterday afternoon and we're both still here. The doctor did his little internal exam and all was well until the very end of the exam when it felt like he tried to create another centimeter's worth of dilation. All in all, I'm only 1cm dilated and "...very thick." The doctor asked if I wanted to schedule another appointment for next Friday and to be honest, neither John, nor I, want to continue this cruel joke of existence. Don't get me wrong, being pregnant was great for the first eight and a half months. This last month has been less than fun and I'd like to be done, thank you.

So, since John's got school starting back up in early September, we opted for induction. The doctor assured us that we might still go into labour before then, but reminded me, again, that I was "thick." We reviewed and signed the consent forms and agreed to an induction this coming Friday. Apparently, I have to go in on Thursday to get a Foley and then get induced on Friday. I'm not so sure about this catheter thing so I've got more research to do. The cool thing is that I think the exam yesterday got some action happening in my nether regions.... I may have lost my mucous plug. We're still crossing our fingers and praying to go about this whole thing completely naturally so we'll be trying all of the tricks of the trade to make it happen.

Since the induction might happen, I've opted to root for the epidural team. I have absolutely no desire to fight Pitocin that's being pumped into my body. If I go into labour naturally, then I'm definitely trying for a completely natural birth. I figure it's my own body's functions and I'd much rather test my will and stamina with myself than with an artificial means.

So that's it. At the very most, I have one more week to go before I meet this little guy. Now if only I wasn't so thick..... story of my life.


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