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This is the song that never ends...

Thursday, August 03, 2006


But there's SO much to do! I'm currently sneaking a cup of coffee while the hubby is in the garage spray-painting something for me. I've done REALLY well up until this past week when it comes to not needing the assistance of others. Unless it was a particularly dangerous task or something that weighed more than I did (ha---nothing weighs more than me now), I was able to manage on my own. I HATE asking for help with something that I can normally take on. I would have to say that that's been the hardest part about being pregnant for me. Here I am with time off of work for the FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE and what am I doing with it? Doing dishes five-at-a-time because it makes my back hurt. BLAH!

Which brings me to the spray-painting. I was trying to take a nap this afternoon when it occurred to me all of the things that I could be doing besides laying there. It's a wierd feeling for me to have the body tired but the mind racing. So, I thought of the jewelry that I could be making, the cabinets I could be organizing, the paper-piecing I could be doing (notice they're all fairly stationary tasks that require very little of me physically). What do I decide to do? Refinish/spray paint an old bedside table! This requires me to waddle my VERY large body out to the garage-in my pajamas-lugging a pretty heavy piece of furniture whilst I don a makeshift face mask made of a handkerchief. John just looks at me with that "now what?" look on his face and tells me to put down the spray paint and slowly back away. I assure him that all is good and that I can handle it. I put on my protection, a-la bank robber, and proceed to spray paint and let me tell you, that shit stinks. I kept taking breaks every 15 seconds or so to get some fresh air but that was getting a little bit tiring so I sulked back into the house in my little piggy pajama pants to cook up some food. When I went back out to the garage, JJ was furiously painting it for me. While I appreciate it, it almost bothers me. I just want to start a project and finish it, dammit! Is that so much to ask for?

Baby Jackson, you are EVICTED. Get out now!

Oh, by the way, we have a middle name for the monster.... Samuel. It's based on a Korean word or saying meaning 'water of the well', which sounds a lot better than well-water. I thought Jackson Samuel had a nice ring to it an then I realized it's Samuel L. Jackson's name backwards. This kid's gonna be so ridiculed---by me. However if Mr. Samuel L. Jackson keeps making movies like this, I may not have to worry about anyone teasing my kid by the time he's in grade school because his career will vanish.


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