This is the song that never ends...: Phitness report

This is the song that never ends...

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Phitness report

Did a quick 4-miler after work today. I really dig running after work... it means I get to sleep in the morning - something I happen to be a fan of. My legs are finally back to normal and I don't have to hold onto the toilet and brace myself when I sit down anymore. I'm still not sure if I'm ready for this marathon, though. I think about it everyday and wonder if I can really do it. My training really has been subpar and I just don't know. But, alas, the plane tickets and hotel are booked so there's no turning back now.

I feel like posting random pictures:

This one was taken in a hotel room in Paris.

And here's the actual, tiny hotel room in all its glory (don't mind the strange man...) The room was sooooo small. The bathroom door touched the bed when completely open and never really closed all the way. Whenever one of us had to, ummm, er, 'go poo-poo', the other one was ordered out onto the 9-inch-deep balcony (which I'm standing out on in order to take this picture).


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