This is the song that never ends...: Got into a tussle...

This is the song that never ends...

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Got into a tussle...

....with a steak knife last night. My left index finger is pretty ugly on the knuckle. I was hacking at a piece of corn on the cob with a knife---why I didn't just break it with my hands is beyond me...--- and I must have shifted funny because instead of laying a good slice against the cob, I hit my finger instead. Needless to say, I stopped, dropped and rolled all the way to the kitchen sink with my other hand covering it. It was starting to pulsate and throb and John come flying into the kitchen asking if everything was okay. I asked him to look at it for me which is really odd... normally I totally dig this kind of stuff, cuts and scrapes amaze me and I LOVE watching surgical shows on TV. I think I just had a pretty good freak-out 'cause I knew I sliced it so hard and it would be awful. I took my other hand away and it hadn't even started bleeding yet because I applied pressure so quickly initially. A flap of skin shifted and the fountain started to flow. John (the sweetie was such a great nurse) bandaged me up pretty good. I needed two good, sturdy bandages and it was still bleeding this morning. It still aches a bit, but I'm sure it'll be fine. Otherwise, the only difference in my daily life is that my typing speed is now about 14 wpm with 7 errors.

In other news, I've created a workout plan that should last the rest of this challenge. I have the challenge timed with the NYC marathon in November and I’m trying to keep the mileage up. Here’s what I’ve got starting tomorrow morning:

Monday a.m: Weights (Lower)
Tuesday a.m: Cardio (Run about 5 miles)
Wednesday a.m: Cardio (HIIT 3-5 miles)
Thursday a.m: Cardio (Run about 5 miles)
Thursday p.m: Weights (Upper)
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Long run (10-20 miles) and FREE day!
Sunday: Weights (Upper)

There are a couple reasons for the schedule to look this way. One, it closely mimics the NYRRC ‘thon training schedule-which I’ve been trying to follow. Secondly, it it gives me a chance to workout with hubby because at this point, he’s only doing UBWOs with me and following the BFL eating plan (and the little shit has still managed to lose 8 pounds! Grrrr....) So, I wanted there to be at least two days a week that we get a chance to workout together and since my legs are getting a decent beating as is, I figured one LBWO per week is okay. I’ll probably add in some abs on my other weights days, just for good measure anyway.


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