This is the song that never ends...: Multiple Sclerosis Supercities 10k

This is the song that never ends...

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Multiple Sclerosis Supercities 10k least I think it was supposed to be a 10k. There was something wrong with the route that they created because of construction, so I think it was actually a measly 4k...

Here I am in my 24th week of pregnancy relaxing before the walk (notice I'm sporting my NYC marathon tee...hehehehe...):

About halfway through, John and I posed for a picture in front of the Detroit skyline:

The day was great and the weather was really cooperative. We were walking on behalf of John's friend's wife. She just recently (within the past year and a half) found out that she had MS and it seems to be coming down on her in a pretty aggressive way. It was pretty enlightening to see someone our age battling such a disease.

As for me, lately work is stressing me out. I'm beginning to H-A-T-E the staffing industry and I look forward to only having 48 more working days left. If one more adult male calls me up and begs me for a job or yells at me regarding why I haven't found a job for him, I think I may run out of the building screaming. I just keep thinking that good things come to those who wait..... or in my case, good things come to those who don't grab a baseball bat and start wailing on everyone in sight.

In lighter news, we bought our first stroller and car seat on Friday. It's neat to see John excited about this. Just like everthing else he enjoys doing, he researched his product and found the best value. We got a kick-ass deal on this stroller combo set-just in a different color:

It looks great in person and is pretty stylish. The one-hand folding feature is pretty sweet, too.

Personal training is going well... I'm slowly finishing up with clients and I'm working on a 3-day workweek at the gym. That means I'll only have late nights on two nights during the week and actually be able to come home during daylight after job #1. My Saturdays are becoming lighter, too, which is nice.

That's pretty much it.... my time is getting a bit more freed up and I'm hoping to get online to post in here more often. Spring is sprung and it's nice to spend more time at home doing the 'nesting' thing and getting ready for Jackson's arrival.

In other news, I had to go to the hospital on Wednesday. I was having some weird leakage thing going on during the day and I figured I should call my doctor in case it was something I should be worried about. They seemed more concerned than I was so they suggested I get my tail to the hospital. I left work and got admitted to the labor/delivery/triage area and they strapped on the heart monitors. Now, let me paint the picture for you... I'm lying in one of the beds and there are women on either side of me who appear to be in labor so they have monitors on, as well. Their baby's heartbeats are a nice, strong rhythm in an otherwise quite room. Then there's Jackson. The minute the nurse puts on his monitor, he starts cleanin' house or something in there. Mind you, the kid's been quiet all day---eerily quiet. The monitors go on and he goes nuts. Since they have the volume turned up, his antics are amplified a billion times. It sounded like someone took a microphone and was dragging it along the carpet. Loud, unsettling, embarrasing. I felt bad for the other women who were just trying to focus or concentrate during their contractions. There I am with a face turning beet red because my kid is getting a little nutty.

After they monitored and swabbed me, they determined that I wasn't leaking amniotic fluid (whew!) and that they couldn't find the ultrasound information that was done a couple weeks ago. Apparently, it was lost in their computer system or something and they wanted me to get another one. I had heard some negative things about ultrasounds and bubbles forming in the baby's veins, or something like that, but who am I to refuse another look at the little alien? They wheeled me down to the sonogram room....yes, in a wheelchair. I just stood there looking at the nurse like, 'You want me to get in that? Can't I just walk with you?' I felt like such an invalid being pushed around and I realized that I don't like people controlling my movement. In my head, I was screaming things like, 'Watch out for that corner!' and 'Don't wheel me so close to the wall!'. But I remained composed during my first time in a wheelchair. I have to admit it was nice to be lazy, though. Maybe I'll start riding around in those carts at Wal-Mart or something.

During the sonogram, the tech said everything was measuring well.... he's still measuring a little bit bigger than my previous due date and at one point when she measured his femur, she said he was coming up at 25 weeks. That would be an additional week on top of the one from the last sonogram. She must have seen the look on my face because she measured it again and then said it was coming up at 23 weeks.... makes a lot more sense, otherwise at that growth rate, this kid is going to be born in a month or so. I asked her if there was anything I needed to be worried about and she said there was only one little thing that I might concern me (face goes white, mouth gets dry)...... he's got a sizeable penis. I asked here if we were talking elephantitis or something and she said 'no'.... he's just a well-endowed young man. Great... as John says, it's not his head that I have to worry about delivering.........

After all the tests were done, it was determined that I'm just a leaky kind of chick or that Jack was gettin' jiggy on my bladder. Either way, we're all good.

Ciao for now~


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