This is the song that never ends...: I would like to announce that we are expecting a...

This is the song that never ends...

Saturday, April 08, 2006

I would like to announce that we are expecting a...

I'm thrilled. Even though I was really hoping for a girl, I just 'knew' that it would be a boy (hahaha---yeah, ummm, okay...). When we got to the ultrasound clinic, the tech brought me in first. She lubed me up and I was just ready to cry because I had to pee so badly. She kept the screen pointed at her face while she did some measurements and afterwards, when I asked her what it was, she turned the screen to face me. Susan (tech) pointed out three little lines on the screen and since I had previously heard that three lines means girl, I happily proclaimed "It's a girl!"-then the tech said, "No, that's outdoor plumbing." So, trying to sound equally as happy, I said, "It's a boy!". I don't know if she bought it. :)

John and my mom came in and the tech did some fun shots of the babe. He seemed to like to play with himself (great, I've got a perv on my hands...) and he kept putting his hands on his face. Susan showed us his face up close and he started making these movements with his mouth that made him look like he was talking. I think he was trying to politely ask me to empty my bladder a bit because he was getting cramped.

All in all, I'm thrilled. It's just so nice to know what we're having and bond with him and daydream about him. Every time he kicks me, I imagine what he's going to look like and what type of personality he's going to have. I'm just so happy right now.


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