This is the song that never ends...: CLA

This is the song that never ends...

Tuesday, June 28, 2005


I've been taking a supplement, CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), in addition to my normal vitamin regime. After a couple months, I found out that I was only taking half of a dose so I recently upped it to the full dosage (maybe a few mg more) to 4,620 mg. If anyone has any information about it, I'd be oh-so-happy to hear about it. Apparently, it's supposed to help with bodyfat reduction in the stomach,ass,thighs area? I don't know....

The low-carb diet experiment was a bit of a wash for me. After 3 days of super-low carbs, I dropped about 4.5 pounds of what I assume was water weight. For the following two weeks, I played with the same half-pound. Not worth it to me. My runs are crappy because the of it, but I definitely *feel* better when I eliminate the refined sugars. I'm playing around with a new running/strength/nutrition program and I'm logging every little morsel in Fitday. Currently, I want to see if the old calories in/calories out belief holds true so I've done all of the math (HA! coming from the person who still uses her fingers.....) and have calculated what it would take to reach my goals for the marathon. I'll try to keep updating with regards to my progress and anything else silly that happens around here.


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