This is the song that never ends...: Legs. They're a good thing.

This is the song that never ends...

Monday, May 16, 2005

Legs. They're a good thing.

Did legs tonight. Not too much muscle has been lost-which is nice. I'm working out in our decently equipped but lacking a treadmill home gym. We have a television and a stereo in the basement also, but I have to be careful when I'm watching the Canadian beauty-makover shows. Before I know it, I'm sitting on the Reebok step with my chin in my hands smiling in that special Forrest Gump way at the the woman who's been tranformed into a swan by a team of colorists and makeup artists. I love when women are in the stylists chair and emphatically exclaim that they want to keep their long hair. Have they ever even seen a makeover show? EVERYONE gets short hair. That initial, "Ummm, you stupid dick. I explicitly said 'keep the length' " look is priceless. I wonder how long they keep their new looks. I wonder how many of them really hate the way they turned out, but were too polite to tell the host to bite their ass. Hmmm....


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