This is the song that never ends...: Sweet freedom

This is the song that never ends...

Monday, July 03, 2006

Sweet freedom

So this is how the other half lives.

I'm finally DONE with work. I feel like 10 cinder blocks have been lifted off of my shoulders and I can breathe again. Wait, I CAN'T breathe because the monster is squishing my lungs. Oh well, the breaths that I can take are quite wonderful.

For the last few days, I've been gutting and redecorating my office at home. I can't believe how long it took for me to rearrange one room. We ended up going to Ikea twice ( I heart Ikea) and I think I'm almost completely content with the end result. I realized, though, that I simply have way too much shit. More shit than anyone should have. I have shit from the online scrapbooking business and more shit from the jewelry-making biz (which I hope to revive soon). I'm now on the hunt for a nice bookcase to store all of my shit and do away with the portable plastic drawers that are staring at me----ick.

Tomorrow we start the kitchen reno and that oughtta be interesting. I'll do some before and afters to complete the effect. The plan is to replace the floor and countertops, as well as the appliances. We're going from electric to gas, so I'm sure there'll be hangups aplenty.

Hmmm... that's all for now. Jack's moving like crazy these days and sometimes it just stops me dead in my tracks. I'll be walking along and then BAM---feels like a foot is going to pop through my belly button. The other thing I've really noticed with him is his affinity for the left side of my abdomen. Does anyone know why babies do this? I'll have to do some Googling...


  • At 9:24 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    yippee you made comes the count down to the little one arrives........I am not going to be able to make it to the baby shower....I am sad about this.....but I want to send a little something your way, email me your address.......seen your aunt dar......and her x......they were up at grandma's to say goodbye:) was quite awkward........


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