This is the song that never ends...

This is the song that never ends...

Friday, December 30, 2005

Y o u ' r e i n W e e k 6
Hello from BabyCentre!
Your embryo (at this tiny stage, she's still not technically considered a baby or even a fetus yet) is enjoying her first huge growth spurt. Although she still resembles a tadpole more than anything else, she's sprouting tiny buds that eventually will become arms and legs. Already her vital organs, including the heart, kidneys, and liver, are in place and growing. That's one good reason to pay close attention to your diet. Calcium-rich foods help bones, heart, and muscles grow -- milk, cheese and tofu are all good sources.

Antejay: Dumbo's Feather = Remember the movie 'Dumbo'? Dumbo was able to fly when he had his magic feather-but there really wasn't any magic in the feather-it was just in his head. Dumbo's Feather = Placebo

Let me just start this post with BLAH! Dumbo's feather didn't quite cut it on Wednesday night. I was doing great until bedtime. I took the bands off to take a shower and left them off for a couple hours. When I was getting myself tucked into bed, I slipped them back on. About 25 minutes later, I was practically convulsing with nausea and chills. It was getting so rough and I was shaking so hard I had to go crawl onto the couch. I tried ginger ale, repositioning the bands, choking down a ginger snap, water, you name it. Nothing helped. The only thing that seemed to remotely help was being in an upright position. Everytime I slumped over or got horizontal, the nausea would come back. So, needless to say, I got a bunch of informercials on TV and a rerun of Sex and the City. When I finally did catch a couple Zs, I had a horrific, realistic dream that I had a miscarriage. Bah!

I felt better around 5:30a and crawled into bed with John. The alarm went off at 6:00 and there was just no way I was getting out of bed until 7:00 or 7:30. After that, I was fine. Go figure.

So, lesson learned: Always keep food in my stomach. I think the reason I was illin' so bad, was because I had eaten a fairly light, carby dinner and then nothing else. Last night I made sure that I ate something about every two hours and ended the night with a bowl of rice pudding. It was a little bit tough to get it down, but in the end, I slept all night. Man..... I got so much to learn.


  • At 6:30 AM , Anonymous antejay said...

    Ahhhh, sounds like you are carrying a true wibby....we wanted five kids until I was pregnant with the one I had.....was soooooo very sick alllllll the time....up until the 7th or 8th month...that is when the blacking out started as I wasn't eating enough for the my experience changed us to the one and done club.......I truly hope that you are only sick for a short period and then you go to the easy all of my friends had:):) Looking back, during my pregnancy was the only time in my life that a doctor told me that I was losing too much weight and that I needed to eat more, guess I took him serious.....look at me now:):)

  • At 10:04 PM , Blogger PartTimeMom said...

    OH man, I was NEVER that sick. I hope your new plan of eating works out!

  • At 2:43 PM , Anonymous antejay said...

    Hey where are you these days?


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